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The concept of Kelsall Wellbeing Hub was created when the doctors of the new medical centre in Kelsall recognised that, as demands on the NHS and Social Care increased, more was needed in our communities to improve health and wellbeing. The Hub will benefit up to 10,000 people who live in Kelsall and the surrounding parishes.

Our Mission is to address loneliness and other social issues that lead to physical and mental illness if they are not addressed early enough.

Our Vision is to provide a welcoming and safe space helping people to live longer, healthier, happier lives. Support services will centre around the Hub Café where people in need will be able to engage in sociable activities, learn new skills or benefit from advice offered by third parties.

For more information, visit the Wellbeing Hub website or go to the Wellbeing Hub's Facebook Page.


Kelsall Wellbeing Hub relies on the contribution of many different groups to make our work a success – from staff and trustees, to fundraisers, volunteers, and service users. As a volunteer, we value your contribution of time and skills as an essential ingredient to our success. Please contact for more information and to register your interest.

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