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The Kelsall Community Centre is a well-appointed facility that has been operating for Kelsall and the surrounding district since 1994, managed by a group of dedicated volunteers under the auspices of the Kelsall War Memorial Charity. It is very convenient and central, with good parking facilities, located just north of the village centre on Chester Road, Kelsall CW6 0SB, opposite St Philips Parish Church. It is managed entirely separately from its neighbours, the Kelsall Social Club, the Kelsall Tennis Club and the Kelsall Bowls Club.

The facility is used regularly by various clubs and organisations, including the Parish Council, Badminton, Table Tennis, dancing groups, Bridge, Craftwork, Indoor Bowls and Tennis, Karate, various other fitness and wellbeing groups, Parent and Toddler groups and numerous other village social events. It is also bookable for private parties and charitable events.

It hosts annual events such as the Beer Festival and the Cheshire Folk Festival.

See the calendar of current events at the Centre under Bookings and a list of current activities under What's On.

The Centre is a much-appreciated focus of the community. Rentals have always been kept as low as possible while supporting maintenance of the building in good repair, and over the years there has been considerable upgrading and modernising, some funded by grants of support from the State. Such activity is ongoing, of course, and some has been to maintain adherence to legal requirements, some to meet changing needs of the community.

For those interested in history, the Kelsall and District Rural Amenities Society (KADRAS) was founded in 1969, and when the first edition of KADRAS Newswas published in March 1974, it included an article by John Edwards, who advocated "a Community Centre to cater for the needs of the village...." It was, however, another 20 years before the Kelsall Community Centre was opened in January 1994, for the benefit of the inhabitants of Kelsall and its neighbourhood for meetings, lectures and other forms of recreation, and leisure time occupation. The story of how the Community Centre became a reality makes fascinating reading, see History of Kelsall's Community Centre, but all can rest assured that the totality of John Edwards' original vision for a Village Centre remains at the core of all we provide and do.

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