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Speeding on Church Street

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Members of the Parish Council carried out a Community Speedwatch in Church Street between 8.30 and 9.30 in the 20mph speed limit stretch just above Hallows Drive.

Of 102 vehicles clocked only 25% were observing the speed limit.

The highest speed was 33 mph. We hear quite a lot of complaints about speeding and you should know that the Parish Council is trying to do something about it. While we were doing this a number of parents with young children passed us on foot and one resident with young children told us that coming out of his drive on the east side of the road is very dangerous due to the speed of the traffic.

Speed limits are there for a reason – to keep people safe, especially children. Please drive carefully and always observe the speed limit.

Kelsall Parish Council is trying to get flashing speed indicators installed but at present Cheshire West and Chester Council is refusing to allow us to do so. If you are in favour of having these devices installed please write to Councillor Tom Cooper at He has been trying to get the Council to allow us too install them but has not been successful so far.

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