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Status of Kelsall's website

Cheshire East ICT Services has decided to withdraw free website and email hosting services from 11th January 2017. This means that this website will cease to exist within a few days of 11th January. It may be revived with a different host, but this is unlikely to happen immediately. More information in the next KADRAS newsletter.

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Flicks in the Sticks
Friday 2nd December

'Love and Friendship'
Kelsall Methodist Hall – 7:30pm
More information here.

Local residents immortalise classic Land Rover in Lego!

Local residents father and son, Terry and Ben Fisher, have created this Lego Land Rover Series III in an aim to immortalise this legendary British classic. They have put this on the Lego Ideas website and if they reach 10,000 supporters Lego will consider it as a product. Updates have now been added to include the Defender and a Series II is on its way. It could possibly be a kit for people to build their favourite. Kelsall Primary School has been posting on its social media in order to help. Supporters need to register their details using this link. Every vote would be really appreciated! So let's get behind this local project and get Kelsall on the Lego map!

Posted 26th April 2016

20-year-old Alex Staniforth releases his first book

Kelsall's Alex Staniforth is no ordinary 20-year-old! As an endurance adventurer he has already experienced and achieved more than many will in a lifetime, attempting to climb the world's highest mountains and scaling equally huge personal peaks in the process. In a further exciting chapter in his life, Alex has released his first book 'ICEFALL', a compelling and absorbing autobiography of a teenager on a mission to the top of the world. The book was launched in paperback at the Grosvenor Shopping Centre (Chester) on Wednesday 9th March. The book is available via Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

Updated 18 March 2016

GoOnLine sessions are held at Farmers Arms: GoOnLine aims to provide access to the internet for older people in rural areas, including OPAL Club members, and to foster their use of the internet to pursue personal interests. Kelsall's GoOnLine sessions have moved to the Farmers Arms, and are held on alternate Tuesdays from 10:00am to 12 noon. GoOnLine sessions are held at several other locations, including Oakmere and Tarvin. Oakmere sessions are held fortnightly at The Lounge. Click here for a listing of all sessions.

Cheshire Police Alerts: Residents are being encouraged by Cheshire Police to sign up to the Cheshire Police Alert service. Registered users are sent information about their local community from the Police, including appeals, local crime alerts and crime prevention advice. Users of the service can manage their own settings and select the type of messages they want to receive. The messages can also be tailored to geographical areas to ensure people only receive information which is relevant to them. New users can register here to receive alerts. To date about 80 Kelsall residents have registered for this service.

Posted 4th March 2015

Reminder about unlicensed clothing collections

Many of you will have recently received clothing collection bags that requested unwanted clothing to support the North West Air Ambulance charity. When the van driver who was picking up the bags was challenged for his ID by a local resident, he ran to his van and drove off at speed. On contacting the Air Ambulance HQ, the resident was told that they weren't conducting household clothes collections at this time and that the bags were nothing to do with them. All charitable clothing collections need a licence, either through inclusion in the Cabinet Office's Exemption List, or from CWaC. Commercial clothing collections seem to be unregulated, but what's the point in lining the pockets of a commercial company when there are plenty of genuine charity shops that would welcome your discarded clothing. CharityBags estimates that "Taking your unwanted clothes etc to a charity shop raises around 50 times more money for charity compared with giving your clothes to a typical house-to-house 'charity' collector"!

If in doubt, please contact CWaC's Licensing Team (01244-977962).

Posted 3 March 2015

CWaC refuses planning application for 50 houses: Outline Planning Application 14/01668/OUT for 'up to 50 dwellings with access from Quarry Lane and Willington Lane' was refused by CWaC on 30th September 2014. Click here to see the refusal letter. CWaC's decision can be appealed within six months of the date of this notice.

Posted 5th October 2014

Inspector responds to Green Belt proposal: The Inspector reviewing the CWaC Local Plan has now published a list of recommended changes to the Plan. He concluded that no Green Belt review is necessary, despite the arguments presented by Kelsall and other villages. The Green Belt to the North of Chester Road will therefore remain in place for the foreseeable future, and the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) team will now draft the NDP's policies and options without using this area. Click here to see the Inspector's 'Schedule of Main Modifications' to CWaC's Draft Local Plan. Comments should be sent to the Programme Officer Kerry Trueman during the six week consultation period ending 17th October 2014.

Posted 26th September 2014
Alex Staniforth setting off from Chester Town Hall on his 3rd EPIC7 challenge. Click for bigger image. Alex Staniforth's third EPIC7 challenge being started by the Lord Mayor of Chester at Chester Town Hall. Click for bigger image.

Congratulations to Alex on completing two more EPIC7 challenges

Alex Staniforth's first attempt to climb Everest was scrapped following the avalanche that tragically killed 16 Nepalese sherpas. He is now undertaking seven 'EPIC7' challenges to prepare him for his next Everest attempt in spring 2015. He set off on his third challenge, an unsupported 860 mile bike ride from Chester to Chamonix in 7 days, from Chester Town Hall on 26th August, and successfully completed his challenge in 8 days, notwithstanding crashes and other problems. After a few days recovering in and around Chamonix Alex then set off on his fourth challenge, an ascent of the Dom (4545m) the highest peak entirely in Switzerland and the greatest vertical ascent in the Alps. You can read more about Alex's EPIC7 challenges here, and follow Alex's progress on his excellent blog. Click on the thumbnails for bigger images.

Updated 20th September 2014

Green Belt review: Kelsall's NDP group presented the case for lifting the green belt designation to the north of Chester Road at a Cheshire West & Chester Local Plan examination hearing on Tuesday 1st July. The Inspector's response is not expected until the autumn, but, in the meantime, you might like to have a look at the comments made by Kelsall's NDP Team, by Kelsall Medical Centre, and by Kelsall Parish Council on CWAC's Draft Local Plan. This undated supplementary statement on the emerging Local Plan was prepared by Kelsall Parish Council, working with IBI Taylor Young, and provides more information on the Parish Council's green belt proposals. If you can't face reading the whole document, at least have a look at this 'Indicative Masterplan for Mixed-use Development'.

Posted 15th August 2014

Prostate Cancer Support Group offers free well-being sessions: Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, in partnership with Prostate Cancer UK, are offering free services for men with prostate cancer and their families. More information here.

Posted 23rd July 2014

Tools, Equipment and Volunteers wanted for Trafford Mill Restoration Project

A group of volunteers known as 'The Friends of Trafford Mill' has been busily beavering away over the last 18 months on a project aimed at restoring the historic watermill at Mickle Trafford, and is very keen to hear from anyone who has any surplus tools or equipment they're prepared to donate which could be suited to the mill's restoration. Please contact Roger Leeson (01829-752762), Kelsall's local volunteer on this project, if you can make a donation of equipment or if you're interested in joining in. Click here for more information about the project, and here for the Trafford Mill's website.

Posted 17th July 2014

GoOnLine started in Kelsall on 1st July: 'GoOnLine' is an exciting new OPAL service aimed at providing access to the internet for OPAL Club members, carers, volunteers and other older people in rural areas to foster their use of the internet to pursue their personal interests.

The sessions run throughout the rural areas of West Cheshire and started in Kelsall on 1st July from 10am to 12 noon, and will continue to run alternate weeks (excluding August), in The Royal Oak Hotel, who are supporting OPAL in this new venture.

So if you lack confidence in using computers or tablets such as iPads or need help using your mobile phone please come along on 1st July.

Updated 15th July 2014

Report on the Village Meeting on 21st June to discuss options for Kelsall's NDP

Over 140 residents attended the meeting, held on Saturday 21st June at the Community Centre, to discuss the way ahead for Kelsall's Neighbourhood Development Plan.

The meeting was introduced by Anne Britton, Kelsall Parish Councillor and member of the NDP Steering Group. Councillor Britton thanked everyone for attending and explained that while the Parish Council is responsible for the NDP, they have mandated the NDP Group to produce a Neighbourhood Development Plan on behalf of the community. The area which will be covered by the plan includes Kelsall Village and Willington and the immediate surrounding area. She then went on to explain the background to the recent changes in the Planning Regulations for England and provided an update of the development that has been happening in Kelsall in the last 12 to 18 months and why Kelsall has been attracting so much attention from developers.

Claire Deruty, Chair of the Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group, then explained the situation that Kelsall is now in, and the options that are now available as a result of what has happened to date. She explained the pros and cons of lifting the green belt designation on the land to the North-West of Chester road and the possible risks and benefits of such a move.

This was followed by a lively question and answer session during which Councillor Britton and Mrs Deruty answered a variety of questions from the audience.

Over tea and coffee, residents had the opportunity to look at a range of posters from the presentations, and to speak directly to members of the NDP Steering Group who were available to provide additional information and answer further questions.

Residents were then asked to vote on whether or not they wished the NDP Group to proceed with a request to Cheshire West and Chester, through the Cheshire West Local Plan Examination Procedure, to review the green belt around Kelsall to accommodate the facilities and housing that Kelsall will need over the next 20 years and beyond.

Updated 27th June 2014

Kelsall Gardening Club raises £1000 for local charities! Kelsall's Open Gardens Day on 15th June was highly successful, raising £500 each for two local charities Tarporley War Memorial Hospital and Kelsall OPAL. The good weather attracted 153 visitors, almost exactly the same as the last Open Gardens Day in 2011. Many thanks to all who helped, both by opening their gardens or by helping on the day.

Posted 26th June 2014

More than 250 residents object to 50-house planning application

Full details of Planning Application 14/01668/OUT for 'up to 50 dwellings with access from Quarry Lane and Willington Lane' can be found on CWaC's website. All representations have been strongly against this application and can be viewed under 'Public Comments' and 'Documents'. All the objections are worth reading, but this objection by Claire Deruty (Chair, Kelsall Neighbourhood Development Plan) and this objection on behalf of a resident in Quarry Lane seem to cover all the salient issues. In addition this 15-page petition lists about 250 residents who object to the proposed housing estate. Click here to see a schematic of the proposed site layout.

Updated 30th May 2014

New entry on our Businesses Page: Cheshire Brick and Slate was established many years ago, specialising in reclaimed and new building materials. It is located just outside the Kelsall Parish boundary on Kelsall Road. More information here.

Posted 25th May 2014

May is Scams Awareness Month! There are several websites that provide useful information on scams, including Get Safe Online, Cyber Street and Think Jessica, a charity protecting elderly and vulnerable people from scams. According to the Trading Standards Institute, only five per cent of scams are reported, possibly because people feel embarrassed at being caught out. Please don't suffer in silence. Scams and attempted scams can be reported to Action Fraud or 0300-123-2040.

Posted 18th May 2014

Hugo Deynem appointed Deputy Lord Mayor of Chester: Congratulations to Hugo Deynem, one of Kelsall and Tarvin Ward's two councillors on CWaC Council, on his appointment to the posts of Deputy Lord Mayor of Chester and deputy chairman of CWaC Council for 2014/2015. Click here for a short synopsis of Hugo's political history, together with the key points he intends to focus on during his term of office.

Posted 16th May 2014

Information from Kelsall Medical Centre: A meeting of Kelsall Medical Centre's Patient Participation Group (PPG) took place on 12th May - click here for the minutes of the meeting.

Posted 16th May 2014

Willington Lane planning application approved: Elan Homes' planning application to build 13 houses off Willington Lane was approved at CWaC's Planning Committee meeting on 29th April. The planners and the developer had made several concessions to mitigate the numerous issues that the planning inspectorate, parish council and residents had highlighted, including the removal of one house, the provision of four affordable houses, better landscaping and a badger run, and a mix of building materials.

Chris Spray, chairman of Kelsall Residents Action Group, reports that:

"The councillors (not unanimously) found that Elan had done enough to allay their concerns despite strong representation from Councillor Leather, Anne Britton for the Parish Council and Jon Moorhouse for the residents. We'd like to thank the entire community for their strong support and ask them to get behind Kelsall's Neighbourhood Development Plan. This is the only mechanism we have to influence the way our village develops. A further application for 50 homes on the corner of Willington Lane and Quarry Lane has just been submitted, increasing the total of applications in just 4 years to 200 homes, Kelsall's quota for 20 years. In the meantime no provision is being made for schools, older people, infrastructure, highways improvement etc. We remain committed to the sustainable development of our village but feel extremely disappointed that government policy has removed our ability to influence this. We will now focus on ensuring that the village has a positive and productive relationship with Elan Homes as they become active members of our community."

Posted 30th April 2014

Sad end to Alex Staniforth's Everest quest: Alex Staniforth (18) flew out from Manchester on 29th March to begin his attempt to be the youngest Briton to climb Everest via the southeast ridge. All was going to plan until Friday 18th April, when 16 Nepali sherpas were tragically killed while fixing ropes and ladders on the Khumbu Icefall above Base Camp. The main outcome of this disaster for the 300+ climbers who were waiting to climb Everest, including Alex, is that Everest has now been closed to climbers from Nepal for this year. Alex had expected to be above the Khumba Icefall by now, so he is understandably very disappointed to be heading home. Alex's blog provides more information about the decision to 'close' the mountain. To date, Alex has raised nearly £4600 for REACT and CLIC Sargent, his chosen charities. Click here if you would like to make a donation. We wish Alex a safe trip home, and hope that, once his immediate frustration has paled, he is able to bounce back and achieve his Everest dream.

Updated 26th April 2014

Another twist to Willington Lane planning application saga: A quick recap! Rowland Homes' planning application for a housing estate of 11 houses off Willington Lane was refused by CWaC's Planning Committee on 2nd July 2013. A subsequent appeal against this decision by Rowland Homes was dismissed on 13th March 2014 on the grounds that the "proposal would appear cramped and congested and would be visually at odds and out of context with its immediate surroundings". Rowland Homes' application for a full award of costs against CWaC was refused on 24th March 2014. Thanks are due to Kelsall Residents Action Group, led by Chris Spray, whose efforts were instrumental in getting the application 'called in' to the Planning Committee, with subsequent unanimous refusal.

In parallel with the appeal process Elan Homes took over from Rowland Homes, and submitted its own planning application for 14 houses on the same site on 28th January 2014. John Leather, Kelsall's ward councillor, asked CWaC's Development Planning Manager to call the application in to CWaC's Planning Committee "if she is minded to approve the application, on the grounds of its potential impact on the character of that part of the village, as well as the cumulative impact of approvals given so far in the planning cycle ...." On 27th March, following the rejection of Rowland Homes appeal, Elan Homes amended its application from 14 to 13 houses, with a few other minor changes. This amended application is for 2 more houses than Rowland Homes' original application for 11 houses, which has already been rejected on the basis of being 'cramped and congested'. This Chester Chronicle article spells out the issues very well.

Updated 22nd April 2014

Neighbourhood Development Plan - Information Pack: This 'Information Pack' summarises the posters from the village meeting on 20th July 2013 and progress since the meeting, and provides a good overview of how Kelsall's Neighbourhood Development Plan is progressing. The minutes of NDP meetings provide more information on progress.

Posted 18th March 2014

New website designer in Kelsall: Kelsall resident Claire Tindall has set up CMTPrime (www.cmtprime.com), a new website business that creates "sensibly priced custom-made websites", and provides web hosting, domain name, and bespoke email services. Claire also produces Northwest Alive, a community website that promotes regional businesses and disseminates good local and regional news and success stories.

Information from Kelsall Medical Centre: A meeting of Kelsall Medical Centre's Patient Participation Group (PPG) took place on 10th February - click here for the minutes of the meeting. Volunteers are being sought to help carry out a survey of traffic volume and parking difficulties in Church Street and to help patients without transport to get to clinical appointments. More information here.

Posted 12 February 2014

Connecting Cheshire drop-in session on Tuesday 21st January: Connecting Cheshire held a drop-in session in Tarporley Community Centre on Tuesday 21st January to help explain how the much anticipated roll-out of fibre broadband will be delivered in this area. Experts from BT Openreach were on hand to explain the technical and logistical challenges. Kelsall's telephone exchange will be upgraded to fibre from the end of March 2014. You can register your interest on the Connecting Cheshire website, and get notified when high speed fibre broadband will become available to you. More information here.

Updated 25th January 2014

Residents respond to Councillor Dutton's statement regarding recent election

Councillor Dutton tabled this statement at September's meeting of Kelsall Parish Council regarding the election of David Beattie to the council, and asked for his statement to be appended to the minutes of the meeting. These minutes were approved at October's parish meeting and then published. The parish meeting on 11th November provided the first opportunity for residents to respond to Cllr Dutton's statement. Two residents submitted critical responses at the meeting and asked for their responses to be appended to the meeting minutes, which have now been approved and can be viewed here (94/13).

Posted 21st December 2013

Unchanged precept for 2014: Kelsall Parish Council's Finance Committee has recommended that the precept for 2014 should be £25,918.00, unchanged from last year.

Posted 21st December 2013

More unsolicited phone calls about fixing your computer: More unsolicited phone calls have been received by Kelsall residents from someone claiming to be able to fix their computer problems. You may be asked to download a programme to get rid of a 'virus' or asked for personal information and bank account details. It's worth repeating that, unless you've been very careless, the caller can't possibly know anything about your computer. Best to put the phone down. The ActionFraud website gives information on different types of fraud, including a comprehensive list of different types of online fraud.

Posted 21st December 2013

Further Kelsall Parish Council Vacancy: A further 'casual vacancy' has arisen on Kelsall Parish Council following Richard Hancock's recent resignation due to work commitments. We thank Richard for his efforts during his spell on the council, and wish him well in the future. This notice, dated 16th December 2013, provides more information about the vacancy. Any 10 electors in Kelsall Parish can request an election, or, if no election is called, the Parish Council will fill the vacancy by co-option. Any request for an election needs to be made to CWaC within 14 days of the date of the notice.

Posted 21st December 2013

NFIB warns of Royal Mail scam email: The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) has issued an alert about a scam e-mail which is currently being sent to victims fraudulently claiming to be from Royal Mail. Click here for more information about the scam. Royal Mail and the NFIB advise customers NOT to open the attachment if they receive this email and to report the scam email to Action Fraud by calling the 0300-123-2040 or via Action Fraud's website. Click here for more information about Royal Mail scam emails.

Posted 13th December 2013

Holmes Pharmacy has a new website: Holmes Pharmacy's new website www.holmespharmacy.co.uk gives information on the wide range of services it can provide, including Pharmacy First, commonly known as the Minor Ailments Service, and a Smoking Cessation Service. Residents who register with Holmes Pharmacy can get treatment for a number of minor ailments without having to see their doctor, and can get advice on nicotine replacement products and other medicines to help them quit smoking.

Posted 13th December 2013

"Speculative developers ruining the green heart of our beautiful village"

Chester Chronicle reported last week that Kelsall residents felt 'let down' by CWaC after planning permission was given to Taylor Wimpey to build 90 new homes off Flat Lane. Most of the content of the report was contributed by Chris Spray, chairman of Kelsall's Residents Action Group. Click here for a more complete account of what Chris has to say about "Kelsall's Plight". Many of Kelsall's residents will agree with Chris that "the Government and CWAC have sleepwalked into ruining our village".

Posted 5th December 2013

Alex's Everest quest is still scheduled for next Spring: Despite narrowly failing to become the youngest British person to climb Baruntse, a 7129m (23,289feet) peak in the Himalayas, Kelsall teenager Alex Staniforth (18) is back training for his record-breaking Everest expedition next Spring. Don't be surprised if you see Alex running around Kelsall in the dark and rain with an altitude mask and hefty rucksack. Alex managed to reach a height of 6600m (21650 feet) on Baruntse, only 500m short of the summit, and this altitude experience will be invaluable on Everest. Alex's daily blog recorded his Baruntse attempt from leaving Heathrow on 12 October to his return on 15 November - well worth a read. Alex has achieved so much in just a few years - we wish him well as he prepares for his Everest challenge.

Posted 29th November 2013

Beer Festival raises £5741 for beneficiaries! The Beer Festival Committee reports that the 5th Annual Kelsall Beer Festival on 15/16 November was the most successful yet with almost 500 attending over the two nights. Although sponsorship was down on previous years the difference was more than made up by some very enthusiastic drinking with very little going to waste. Over the two nights some £6,500 was taken, made up of entry fees, beer tokens, wine, food and, of course, the raffle. Where would we be without a raffle? With all expenses accounted for, £5,741 was left for equal distribution to the beneficiaries (St Philip's Church, Kelsall Primary School, Kelsall Pre-School and Clatterbridge Cancer Research Kelsall Branch. Thank you to all the sponsors, to all the helpers, the putter-uppers, the taker-downers, the moppers, bar volunteers and everyone who did anything to help however much, however little. It was all invaluable. And a special thank you to you, the drinkers. It makes all the hard work so worthwhile and rewarding. Here's to next year!

Updated 29th November 2013

Taylor Wimpey's appeal is allowed and planning permission granted

Taylor Wimpey's appeal has been allowed and planning permission granted for "up to 90 new dwellings" on land adjacent to Flat Lane. Click here for details of the Appeal Decision. Queries or feedback about the decision or the way the appeal was handled should be submitted using the Planning Inspectorate's Feedback webpage.

Posted 22nd November 2013

Poppy Day Appeal raises £2,740.47! The Kelsall and District Branch of the Royal British Legion wishes to thank everyone who contributed to the Poppy Day Appeal, and all the Poppy Collectors and everyone else who helped. The collection raised the wonderful sum of £2,740.47, which will be added to the grand total for the country.

Posted 18th November 2013

Cheshire Police Alert: Residents are being encouraged by Cheshire Police to sign up to a new community messaging service. Registered users are sent information about their local community from the Police, including appeals, local crime alerts and crime prevention advice. Users of the service can manage their own settings and select the type of messages they want to receive. The messages can also be tailored to geographical areas to ensure people only receive information which is relevant to them. New users can register here to receive alerts.

Posted 13th November 2013

Trading Standards Warning – mobile phone delivery scam

The scam works like this. A mobile phone is ordered in your name. After it is delivered to you, you receive a call saying there has been a mistake and the goods will be collected by courier. The scammer, pretending to be a courier, then calls to collect the phone from you. The scammer gets to keep the phone whilst the bill remains in your name. If you receive delivery of goods addressed to you that you know you haven't ordered, you should contact the sender immediately – you may be the target of this scam.

Posted 2nd November 2013

Rowland Homes appeal to be determined by written representations.

An appeal has been made to the Secretary of State against CWaC's decision to refuse permission for Rowland Homes planning application to build 11 houses off Willingon Lane. The appeal will be determined on the basis of the 'written representations procedure'. CWaC will forward all representations made at application stage to the Planning Inspectorate for consideration by the Inspector. Any additional comments must be submitted by 4th December. The appeal documents can be found on CWaC's website (here and here) and the status of the appeal can be found on the Planning Portal website, using Case Reference 2207452.

Posted 30th October 2013

Kelsall councillor complains about recent election: Councillor Dutton tabled a complaint at September's parish meeting regarding the recent election of Mr Beattie to the council. While conceding that the election process was perfectly legal, Cllr Dutton reasoned that the vacancy should have been filled by co-option, thereby avoiding the cost to the parish of an election. Cllr Dutton's provocative statement can be found here. There is no mention in the minutes of whether the other councillors supported or opposed Cllr Dutton's views. It was subsequently confirmed that the content of Cllr Dutton's note wasn't discussed by the Council.

Posted 28th October 2013

Reduce your energy bills through CWaC's Collective Energy Scheme!

Cheshire West and Chester Council is urging residents to join together and buy gas and electricity collectively in a bid to save money on energy bills. You have until 19th November to register for the next 'switching round'. More information here.

Posted 22nd October 2013

Kelsall Parish Council Vacancy: A 'casual vacancy' has arisen for the office of parish councillor for Kelsall Parish Council. This notice, dated 21st October 2013, provides more information. Any 10 electors in Kelsall Parish can request an election, or, if no election is called, the Parish Council will fill the vacancy by co-option. Any request for an election needs to be made to CWaC within 14 days of the date of the notice.

Posted 20th October 2013

Community Pride Successes for Kelsall!: Kelsall has been awarded two Community Pride awards for 2013, namely a 'Little Gem' award for the presentation and upkeep of our War Memorial, and the 'Essar Oil UK Award for Best Kept Village in the 2501 - 5000 population category', the first time Kelsall has won this award. Congratulations to all involved. Kelsall has now won two awards each year for the last 5 years - a hard act to follow in future years! Previous years successes are listed here.

Posted 14th October 2013

Successful RNLI Flag Days: Kelsall RNLI Branch collected £500 on the Flag Days that were held this year in Kelsall, Tarvin and Tarporley. The Branch would like to thank the community for their support, and their committee and supporters who gave their time so willingly.

Posted 12th October 2013

Strategic Planning Meeting approves Delamere development proposal

The Forestry Commission's planning application to build a replacement visitor centre + 78 cabins in Delamere Forest was supported by CWaC's Strategic Planning Committee on 10th October 2013, subject to HSE approval. This Northwich Guardian report gives more information. The minutes of CWaC's meeting can be found here.

Updated 12th October 2013

A knotty problem for Kelsall Parish Council! A critical note was tabled by a resident at the last meeting of Kelsall Parish Council on 9th September regarding the Council's efforts to deal with two patches of Japanese Knotweed on Kelsall Green. Subsequent to the meeting the Parish Council reported that their approach, namely burial of cut foliage in plastic sheeting plus treatment with 'Roundup pro Biactive' to kill the rhizomes, had been endorsed by the Environment Agency. It could take 3 to 4 years to kill the plant.

Posted 2nd October 2013

Inspector's report awaited following Taylor Wimpey's appeal hearing

A appeal hearing was held on 17th October to consider CWaC's decision to refuse planning permission for Taylor Wimpey's outline planning application to build up to 90 houses to the north of Flat Lane. Claire Deruty, Jon Moorhouse and John Leather spoke eloquently on behalf of the village. The Planning Inspectorate's Case Officer has advised that the Inspectorate is working towards a decision being made by 6th November, namely within 6 months of the date of the appeal. The Planning Inspectorate's case summary provides more information.

Updated 1st October 2013
Alex Staniforth training for his trip to climb Baruntse. Click for bigger image.

Alex is off to Nepal! Kelsall teenager Alex Staniforth (18) will be heading off in a couple of weeks on a 35 day expedition to Nepal, attempting to become the youngest British person to climb Baruntse, a 7129m (23,289feet) peak in the Himalayas. This expedition, led by British company Adventure Peaks, will give Alex crucial experience for his record-breaking Everest expedition next Spring. He has already raised over half of his expedition funds, Textlocal Ltd being his most recent major sponsor. Alex will be fundraising for CLIC Sargent and REACT. You can follow his updates via his website blog. Alex would like to thank KADRAS for supporting him with a £100 Young Persons Bursary.

Posted 1st October 2013
Front cover of Marian Bythell's book 'Billy and Ben on the Farm'.

Marian Bythell publishes another book

Marian Bythell's latest book 'Billy and Ben on the farm' will shortly be available for £2.99 from Arthur H Stockwell Ltd (publishers) and from Amazon. This children's book, which is in colour and will also be available in digital format, recounts the young twins' funny, lively adventures on their grandad's farm along with the farm dog, Scamp.

Posted 30th September 2013

Boxercise coming to Kelsall! A weekly Boxercise class for beginners is coming to Kelsall Community Centre, starting on Tuesday 29th October at 9:15am. Boxercise is a full body work out using boxing techniques working with pads and gloves suitable for all levels of fitness. Please contact Fiona (07850-879597) to book or for more information.

Posted 30th September 2013

Another business in Kelsall: Philip Anthony Photography are wedding specialists. Examples of their work can be found here.

Posted 23rd September 2013

Trading Standards warning: "When you are applying online for a driving licence, passport, a European Health Insurance card or even a fishing licence, take care with the websites that you use. Searching on the internet will often result in private companies being at the top of the list, higher up than the agency that you need to apply to. The companies will charge a fee for providing the service of checking and or forwarding your application to the appropriate agency. The small print will explain that the site you have reached is not the agency you are looking for and that you will be charged for the service. Unfortunately, a lot of people miss the small print because they assume that they have reached the site that they were looking for."

Posted 23rd September 2013

David Beattie resigns from Kelsall Parish Council: David Beattie has been advised to reduce his activities for medical reasons, and has decided to resign from Kelsall Parish Council. The next meeting of the council on 14th October will be his last meeting. We thank David for his efforts during his short spell on the council, and wish him well in the future.

Posted 23rd September 2013

Bloor housing estate to be called 'Thistle Close': The new Bloor housing estate will be called 'Thistle Close', one of the names suggested by Kelsall Parish Council.

Posted 23rd September 2013

Information from Trading Standards about scam telephone calls: Cheshire Constabulary has circulated this information from Trading Standards relating to scam telephone calls. Trading Standards would like to remind residents to "show caution when dealing with cold callers and to be aware that services that are being offered may not be the bargain that they initially appear to be".

Posted 15th September 2013

Parish Council releases financial information: The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed the dearth of financial information from the Parish Council on this website since 2010. Following requests from the public, the Parish Council decided last March to "put only basic accounts on Kelsall website", and we are pleased to report that this information is now available. Click here for the accounts and budget for 2012/123 and the budget for 2013/14, and here for a report on the budget for 2013/14.

Posted 4th September 2013

Holmes Pharmacy is now listed on Businesses Page: Holmes Pharmacy is a long-established business in Kelsall and is now listed on the Businesses Page of this website.

Posted 25th August 2013

Local residents successful in rebutting mines and minerals title: Three local residents have persuaded The Crown Estate to drop its application to amend their property titles to exclude mines and minerals. The applications (B25 notices) were sent out to about 200 Kelsall residents over the last year in small batches by the Land Registry. Most notices were ignored because they were not understood, misleading and had legal cost warnings. It is not known as yet if the property titles of those who did not object have been altered. More on this when it becomes known.

Posted 16th August 2013

Neighbourhood Development Team seeks feedback on their development strategy for Kelsall

A second village meeting was held at Kelsall Community Centre on 20th July 2013. Despite the lovely sunny afternoon, about 120 people attended, which was a wonderful turnout. The purpose of the meeting was to give an update on the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP), to present the NDP Team's thinking following feedback from residents, and to present several ideas for consultation. Presentations, posters and feedback forms can be found here. The NDP Team has clearly put in a lot of work since it was set up about a year ago. Please support them by completing and returning the feedback forms.

Posted 10th August 2013

Wasp nests being exterminated by CWaC's pest control service: After a comparatively insect free early summer, wasps appear to be making up for lost time and nests are being found in unusual numbers and in unusual places. CWaC's Pest Control Officer has been called out to exterminate several wasp nests in Kelsall. A 'one-off' payment of £60 covers the elimination of new or recurrent nests until the end of 2013. A quick call to CWaC's Pest Control Service (0300-123-7038) is so much more effective, and so much easier than struggling with spray cans and powder. Information on CWaC's pest control service can be found here.

Posted 10th August 2013

Information from Kelsall Medical Centre: A meeting of Kelsall Medical Centre's Patient Participation Group (PPG) took place on 5th August - click here for the minutes of the meeting.

Posted 8th August 2013

Energy Efficiency Measures Available in Cheshire West and Chester

This document from CWaC summarises some of the energy saving measures that are available to home owners and private residents in the Borough, including free offers for loft and cavity wall insulation and for central heating repair and boiler replacement. Residents need to apply by 9th August to register for some of these offers.

Posted 5th August 2013
Bloor development - houses to be demolished on Hallows Drive

 <<bigger image

Bloor development - houses to be demolished on Hallows Drive

Bloor Homes planning conditions: Bloor Homes planning application (12/03551/FUL) to build 33 houses off Hallows Drive was approved at CWaC's Planning Committee on 15th January. This Notice of Planning Permission lists the conditions that have to be complied with before and during the construction of the houses. There are signs of some activity on Hallows Drive (see photo), but demolition of 14/16 Hallows Drive and construction of the new houses can't begin until CWaC has received and approved a 'Construction Method Statement' from Bloor. To date, no such Statement has been received by CWaC.

Posted 18th July 2013

Another business in Kelsall! Emma Salisbury has set up a new business, Overdale Counselling (www.counselling-overdale.co.uk), in Kelsall. Emma also runs a tutoring service, Top Marks, from Tarporley Community Centre. Top Marks offers your child a free initial assessment and a quality education at competitive rates by an experienced English teacher of 25 years. Please email Emma for more information (with subject heading: Top Marks).

Posted 18th July 2013

Calling all Kelsall's businesses – an opportunity to have your say!

The NDP Business Group wants to represent the views and wishes of Kelsall's Businesses in our Neighbourhood Development Plan. There are two ways to pass on your views:

  1. Complete this online questionnaire and return via email or print out and drop it in one of the NDP boxes located at Wally Duttons Butchers and Holmes Pharmacy. Please return your response by 30th September 2013.
  2. Request a face to face meeting with one of the Business Group by emailing your request to ndp@kelsall.org.uk. Please include your name and phone number so we can contact you to arrange a meeting date, time and venue.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Posted 14th July 2013

New parish councillor elected following uncontested election: Mr David Beattie was the only nominated candidate for the vacancy on Kelsall Parish Council, so has been duly elected to the Council. Click here to see CWaC's confirmation of the election result. We wish Mr Beattie an enjoyable and fruitful time on the Council.

Updated 13th July 2013

Delamere Forest's tranquillity under threat: Planning application 13/02700/FUL relates to the provision of a replacement visitor centre and the construction of 78 cabins in the NW of the forest, near Waterloo Gate, with associated infrastructure. Communities Against Delamere's Destruction's website gives information on how to object to these proposals by email, post or, preferably, by posting a comment on CWaC's website. Comments should be submitted by 29th July.

Posted 4th July 2013

Rowland Homes planning application rejected by CWaC's Planning Committee!

Rowland Homes' application to build a housing estate off Willington Lane was rejected by CWaC's Planning Committee at a meeting on 2nd July. Residents are delighted that their well argued objections to this inappropriate proposal were endorsed by the Committee. Jon Moorhouse, one of the key members of the Residents Action Group, has provided this short report on the meeting:

"Timely intervention from Fiona Edwards, CWaC's Head of Planning, brought the Rowland Homes application to Committee. Prior to this, much work had been done by local residents to bring material issues to the attention of the planners. The lack of contextual information provided by the applicants belied the scale of the development and the unacceptable proximity of some of the properties to the existing residents' houses. The lack of affordable housing was justified by the applicants on the basis of viability. They maintained that the cost of the heavy engineering necessary to realise the scheme meant that large executive houses were the only profitable option. However, the Committee Members recognised that the applicant did not own the site and that the greed of the owners should not be satisfied at a cost to the village. The Committee also recognised that the scale and massing were not in accordance with the KLDP and voted unanimously to reject the application.

Councillor Leather, Terry Harrop, chair of Kelsall Parish Council, and resident Jon Moorhouse spoke in opposition to the application. The relentless work of Chris Spray was instrumental in bringing the application to Committee."

Posted 3rd July 2013

Temporary suspension of Kelsall Community Library

David Wearing, Head of Kelsall Primary School reports on the temporary closure of Kelsall Community Library: "We would like to thank all of the volunteers who have supported the library over the years and to all those who have used it. Visitors to the library have diminished significantly over the past few years and this formed a key part of our thinking around the temporary suspension of the facility.

In the last round of funding for build projects, we narrowly missed out on securing funds to develop a new community room to incorporate the library, freeing up space for administration and offices. We will apply again in the next round - the community room along with library provision is a part of our long term plan.

In the meantime, elements of the library will be retained within school, albeit in different areas. The popular Story Sacks will be relocated to the infant library along with the non-fiction collection – these will remain available to loan to parents of Kelsall Primary children and Kelsall Pre-School. The local history cabinet will be moved along with parenting reference materials to a different area of the school and there will be a timetable established to allow community access to these valuable resources. The adult fiction will be stored within school (some large print will be offered to Sable Cottage or any other organization who would make use of them) to be reinstated once a new community room is established. Children's fiction will come in to the main school library."

Posted 2nd July 2013

Taylor Wimpey appeal will be determined on the basis of a hearing.

An appeal has been made to the Secretary of State against CWaC's decision to refuse to grant planning permission for Taylor Wimpey's outline planning application to build up to 90 houses to the north of Flat Lane. The appeal will be determined on the basis of a hearing. CWaC has forwarded all representations on this application to the Planning Inspectorate, and these will be considered by the Inspector when determining the appeal. The appeal documents can be found on the Planning Portal website, using Case Reference 2195648.

Click here for Taylor Wimpey's Grounds of Appeal.

Updated 24th June 2013

Death on Kelsall Green! You may remember that Kelsall Gardening Club planted 6 Wild Cherry trees last November along the path through Kelsall Green to commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, and that Kelsall WI planted 1,000 crocus bulbs, arranged around the trees. You may also be aware that, sadly, the trees and crocuses have either died or appear to be dying. Sodexo, the contractor involved with maintenance of Kelsall Green, has admitted to using weedkiller round the trees, and has agreed to replace the trees and crocuses this autumn.

Updated 21st June 2013

Kelsall Community Centre needs a new committee secretary: Kelsall Community Centre is looking for a replacement volunteer committee secretary. The ideal candidate should have some experience in taking minutes of meetings, should have a PC and be reasonably computer literate, and should be keen to get involved in the management of the Centre. The committee meets once every 6 weeks at 7.30pm and meetings last about an hour. Please contact John Gray (01829-752833) if you think you might be able to help.

Posted 16th June 2013

Premises Licence for Kelsall Green: Kelsall Parish Council's application for a Premises Licence to allow Plays, Live Music and Dance to take place on Kelsall Green was approved at a meeting of CWaC's Licensing Act Sub-Committee on 7 May 2013. Information about the licence can be found here, including this list of conditions, and the Minutes of the meeting here. The number of events is restricted to 12 per year, but is expected to much less than this. Kelsall Parish Council is required to make decisions on applications to use Kelsall Green "in the interests of local residents in a transparent and open way".

Posted 12th June 2013

Co-op's Sunday opening hours unchanged: If you have received a flier from the Co-op, you may have noticed that it advertises the Sunday opening hours as 10am to 4pm. You can relax - the hours remain 7am to 10pm. It seems that the Co-op's area office doesn't know one part of its anatomy from another.

Posted 12th June 2013

Rowland Homes planning application to be referred to CWaC's Planning Committee

Kelsall residents will be pleased to learn that, following public pressure and disquiet, Rowland Homes' application to build a housing estate off Willington Lane will now be referred to CWaC's Planning Committee and has been provisionally included on the agenda for the meeting on 2nd July 2013. Once this agenda has been agreed, notification will be sent to everyone who has made representation on the application.

Posted 10th June 2013

Useful telephone numbers: Click here for a list of CWaC's telephone numbers.

Posted 5th June 2013

Kelsall Parish Council Vacancy: Richard Boyle will shortly be leaving Kelsall, so will be unable to continue as a Parish Councillor. Richard has played a major role in the Parish Council's attempts to keep predatory builders away from the 'green heart' of Kelsall. It won't be easy to find a replacement with his extensive knowledge of planning law. This notice formalises the vacancy on the Parish Council. Any 10 electors in Kelsall Parish can request an election, or, if no election is called, the Parish Council will fill the vacancy by co-option.

Posted 1st June 2013

Successful WI fund-raising concert: The committee and members of Kelsall WI would like to thank all those from the village who attended their recent fund-raising concert and supper at the community centre on Friday 17th May. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening, and the support they received was greatly appreciated.

Posted 1st June 2013

Neighbourhood Development Plan minutes now available: Click here to see the minutes of the Neighbourhood Development Plan's Steering Group meeting on 29th April 2013. A further meeting took place on 20th May, the minutes of which will be published shortly.

Posted 24th May 2013
Kelsall Youth Club goes canoeing on Winsford Flash.

Kelsall Youth Club learns to canoe and kayak!

Kelsall Youth Club had great fun learning how to canoe and kayak on Winsford Flash on the evening of 9th May. All boats and gear were provided by Tattenhall Centre. There are plenty of ideas for more energetic activities like this, including rock climbing, abseiling and gorge walking.

Click on the photo for a bigger image.

Posted 24th May 2013

Fundraising evening supports Alex's Everest dream: A highly successful fundraising evening was held at Pryors Hayes Golf Club on 11th May to support Alex Staniforth's dream to become the youngest Briton to climb the Southeast ridge of Everest (aged 18). The sum raised, £3093, exceeded his target for the evening by a fair margin. Alex would like to say a massive thanks to all those who have supported him.

Posted 24th April 2013

Information from Kelsall Medical Centre: A meeting of Kelsall Medical Centre's Patient Participation Group (PPG) took place on 13th May - click here for the minutes of the meeting.

Posted 24th May 2013

Amended plans from Rowland Homes: CWaC has received amended plans from Rowland Homes regarding their planning application (13/01003/FUL) to build 11 four and five bedroom detached houses on land off Willington Lane. The changes are relatively trivial, as shown by this revised Layout, this revised Landscaping Plan, and this 'before and after' schematic.

Updated 9th May 2013

Premises Licence Application causes confusion amongst Kelsall residents!

Kelsall Parish Council's application for a licence to allow Plays, Live Music and Dance to take place on Kelsall Green has caused much confusion amongst residents. The application's web entry on CWaC's website is, unfortunately, confusing, misleading, and incomplete. This copy of the licence application, obtained from Kelsall Parish Council, adds to the confusion. The period for representations on this application closed on 26th April, notwithstanding the questionable legality of this date.

Updated 8th May 2013

Open letter from residents about Rowland Homes planning application

Jon Moorhouse and Chris Spray, both of whom live in houses adjacent to Rowland Homes' proposed housing estate off Willington Lane, have written this open letter to Kelsall residents regarding their concerns about the failure of Councillors to 'call in' Rowland Homes' planning application to Planning Committee. Please email Jon and Chris with any comments you may have, whether for or against their stance.

Posted 2nd May 2013

Katherine is first Youth Club member to receive Gold DofE Award

Katherine Ratcliffe receiving her Gold DofE Award at St James's Palace.

bigger image >>

Katherine Ratcliffe holding her Gold DofE Award, with Peter Moore and Elaine Shakspeare on Kelsall Green.

 <<bigger image

Congratulations to Kathering Ratcliffe on becoming Kelsall Youth Club's first member to receive a Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award, presented to her by Alistair Campbell at St James's Palace. Katherine, who is now studying French and German at Durham University, recommends the DofE Award to anyone who has a sense of adventure and a desire to challenge themselves. There are presently more than 25 young people between the ages of 14 and 18 in Kelsall's DofE Group, ably led by Peter Moore and supported by many helpers. The adjacent photos show Katherine at St James's Palace and Katherine, with Peter and Elaine Shakspeare, on Kelsall Green. Hover your cursor over the photos to get bigger images.

Posted 28th April 2013

John Street resurfacing planned for this financial year: The part of John Street from its junction with Willington Lane at Willington Hall Hotel to The Willingtons (just before Tirley Garth) was closed on 18/19 April to allow drainage problems to be investigated. Funding has been approved for the design and implementation of a revised drainage system for the stretch between Rock Farm and Willington Hall, during this financial year.

Updated 27th April 2013

Kelsall Parish Council responds to Rowland Homes' planning application

Kelsall Parish Council's well argued response to Rowland Homes' revised planning application to build 11 four and five bedroom detached houses off Willington Lane is now on CWaC's website. Objections relate to the Type of Development, Traffic/Pedestrian Issues, the impact on Kelsall Primary School, and the effect on Public Utilities' - well worth reading.

Ward Councillor John Leather believes that there is no justification for calling-in the application to a Planning Meeting, so a planning officer will make the decision on whether to approve or refuse the application.

Posted 23rd April 2013

Kelsall's D of E Group continues to thrive: 2012 was a marvellous year for Kelsall's Duke of Edinburgh Group. 26 young people took part in expeditions round the north of England (4 Gold, 16 Silver, 6 Bronze), mostly in good weather.

2013 sees 16 young people taking part in expeditions (7 Silver, 9 Bronze), with a further 17 aiming to complete their awards (14 Silver, 3 Gold). Then there are various other young people who have until the age of 25 to complete their awards, so there are probably 40+ who are currently active!

Peter Moore, Kelsall D of E's enthusiastic co-ordinator, is forever grateful to all the leaders who help make it all happen, especially Elaine, Daniel and Sue. Peter hopes that the Group can continue to grow and become a sustainable part of Kelsall's youth activities.

Posted 13th April 2013

Revised planning application from Rowland Homes: Following the refusal of their original planning application 11/05256/FUL on 7th June 2012, Rowland Homes has submitted a revised application (13/01003/FUL) to build 11 four and five bedroom detached houses on land off Willington Lane. The Green Lane 'affordable homes' element of the original proposal has been removed. At first glance the revised application looks very similar, if not identical, to the Willington Lane element of the original application. In particular, CWaC's Highways Engineer's "concerns about the direct access that the most southerly of the dwellings has onto Willington Lane" haven't been resolved (see Refusal Report, clause 6.40). The revised application includes no 'affordable homes' element.

Updated 9th April 2013

Premises Licence would allow Plays, Live Music and Dance on Kelsall Green

Kelsall Parish Council has applied for an annual premises licence to allow Plays, Live Music and Dance to take place on Kelsall Green. More information can be found on CWaC's website. Representations relating to this application must be made no later than 16th April.

Updated 6th April 2013
Alex Staniforth on the summit of Mont Blanc at 6:00am on Thursday 26th July. Click for bigger image.

Click for bigger image

More challenges for Alex Staniforth! Following his successful ascent of Mont Blanc last year (see photo on right), Alex Staniforth has new challenges in his sights. He is off to the Himalayas this October to climb Mera Peak (6476m) and Baruntse (7129m), aiming to become the youngest Briton to climb Baruntse, and then, next year, he is pursuing his dream to become the youngest Briton to climb the Southeast ridge of Everest (aged 18). He hopes to raise £29,035 (£1 per foot climbed) for REACT and CLIC Sargent. Alex is appealing for donations towards his Baruntse expedition, whilst pursuing corporate sponsorship for Everest. His new website gives more information. Please help this remarkable young man if you can.

Posted 30th March 2013

Temporary start/finish for Kelsall's buses in Chester: Because of the revamp of Chester Bus Exchange, buses 82 and 84 will operate to and from Gorse Stacks (Stop 2) for the duration of the refurbishment. These buses still visit Foregate Street on outgoing journeys. More information here.

Posted 30th March 2013

Holmes Pharmacy undergoing a makeover: Residents will have noticed that changes are taking place in Holmes Pharmacy. Kenny Ng, who took over Holmes Pharmacy last September, tells us what is going on:

"I have been working in Holmes Pharmacy for almost 6 months and have identified a number of improvement that will enable us to provide better service to residents in Kelsall and surrounding area. A consultation room is the main part of the recent makeover of the pharmacy. Private consultation area in pharmacy is required by the PCT for pharmacists to provide advanced services like 'Medicines Use Review (MUR)' and 'New Medicine Service (NMS)'. More information can be obtained from the pharmacy. It also provides an area where patients can talk to the pharmacist in confidence without being over heard. While the consultation room is in place, the lighting, particularly near the greeting card stands, has been improved. It now provides a much brighter environment while customers are choosing their greeting cards. A minor rearrangement of the cold drink fridge and the photocopier to the other side of the pharmacy provides a more spacious shop area. New chairs will also be provided for patients waiting for their prescriptions. I hope this will enhance our service to meet the needs of the local residents.

Posted 27th March 2013

All you need to know about 'boiler room' scams: The FSA has produced this useful guide to high pressure sales techniques, known as boiler room scams, that are used to sell investments that promise massive returns but are often worthless. Remember: if it sounds to good to be true,it probably is!

Updated 25th March 2013

Children's playground vandalised - witnesses sought: Sadly the children's playground on Kelsall Green was badly vandalised during the evening/night of 19th March. The equipment has been made safe to use while quotations to repair the damage are obtained. The incident has been reported to the police who are appealing for witnesses. We appreciate that no one may have seen the damage taking place, but the police would like to hear from anyone who saw suspicious characters, probably youths, in the playground at that time. Any description may help them find those responsible.

Updated 21st March 2013

Beer Festival 2013 being held on 15/16 November: Following the success of the 2012 Kelsall Beer Festival the committee members have now started the planning for the 2013 Festival to be held on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th November at Kelsall Community Centre. Entertainment will be the same as for 2012 with 'The Floating Heads' performing on the Friday and 'The Otherside' returning for the Saturday night.

Terry Harrop comments: "On behalf of the Kelsall Beer Festival Committee I would like to thank all our sponsors and volunteers for all their support in helping to make the 2012 Festival a very successful and enjoyable event. The whole event raised some £6200 that was split between Kelsall Primary School, St Philips Church, Kelsall Pre-School and the Kelsall Branch of Clatterbridge Cancer Research. Donations were also made to Frodsham Care for the use of their equipment and also to Kelsall Brownies and Kelsall Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme.

All our recipients have acknowledged their thanks to the Kelsall Beer Festival for the continued contributions and we hope that the 2013 Festival will be another outstanding success.

We trust that all who attended the 2012 event whether it was on the Friday or Saturday night had an enjoyable time and that you will continue to support us with our 2013 Festival."

Posted 18th March 2013

Taylor Wimpey's planning application refused: Taylor Wimpey's outline planning application to build up to 90 houses to the north of Flat Lane has been refused by Cheshire West & Chester Council, primarily because the "additional traffic cannot be accommodated safely and satisfactorily within the existing highway network". The refusal letter can be found here.

Posted 14th March 2013

Kelsall's Neighbourhood Development Plan website now live!

There was a unanimous vote at an Open Meeting on 7th July 2012 in favour of a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) being developed for Kelsall. An NDP Group was subsequently set up, comprising the leaders of seven separate Work Groups. An NDP website has been produced to keep you informed about the NDP Group's activities. Please have a look at the website (www.kelsall.org.uk/NDP/) and please contact the NDP Group if you think you might be able to help. The NDP, when it is approved, will be a vital document in our quest to ensure that Kelsall is developed appropriately and sustainably.

Posted 12th March 2013

How much do you know about Kelsall? Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE) has produced this rural community profile for Kelsall Parish. It covers a wide range of issues that have been identified as important for sustainable communities. Well worth a look, although some of the data is a bit dated and some relates to CWaC and not specifically to Kelsall.

Posted 9th March 2013

Taylor Wimpey's planning application withdrawn from Planning Committee agenda on 5th March 

Taylor Wimpey's planning application 12/01880/OUT was withdrawn from the agenda of the Planning Committee meeting on 5th March. John Leather, Councillor for Tarvin and Kelsall Ward, withdrew his call-in request as a result of CWaC's planning officer's recommendation to refuse the application.

Click here to see the planning officer's report.
Updated 3rd March 2013

Get Together and reduce your energy bills! Cheshire East's new collective energy switching scheme will bring together thousands of people who want to switch energy providers into one 'auction'. Previous auctions around the country have seen households save up to £200 per year. You don't have to live in Cheshire East – any household in the UK can take part. Cheshire East's online energy auction with the energy companies will take place on 9th April 2013, so you'll have to register by 8th April if you're interested.

Posted 18th February 2013

Warning over roadside scam: Cheshire Police has issued a warning about gangs of men who are targeting lone female motorists, flagging them down on isolated country lanes and demanding money. More than ten women have reportedly been conned, including two instances in Malpas and Farndon. More information here.

Posted 15th February 2013

BT 'Unpaid Bill' scam is back! The BT 'Unpaid Bill' scam has been around for several years. A telephone call threatens to disconnect the line unless an unpaid bill is paid immediately. This website describes the scam and advises what to do if you receive such a call. It goes without saying that you shouldn't provide the caller with any personal or financial details.

Posted 10th February 2013

Kelsall Parish Precept to decrease by 13 percent! It was reported at the Kelsall Parish Council meeting on 4th February that the precept for 2013/14 has been set at £24,483. This welcome reduction of £3815 will counter, to some extent, CWaC's recommendation for a 1.9% council tax increase and the PCC's proposal that the police element of council tax should increase by 1.99%.

Updated 10th February 2013

Kelsall Primary School getting a new roof! Kelsall Primary School has been successful in its bid to the Department for Education for much needed improvements to the school's tiled roof. The work began on 5th February, and, in addition to providing a watertight roof, will also improve thermal efficiency. The new slates are being sourced from Wales. The old slates will be recycled off site.

The contractors will be based at the front of the school and the visitor car park. The children and parents have been informed and regular meetings will be held with the Site Supervisor to ensure that the works keep on track and that learning isn't impeded.

Posted 7th February 2013

Chester Community Car Scheme needs volunteers: The Chester Community Car Scheme service is run by Cheshire Community Action and provides a lifeline for elderly, frail or disabled people who don't have a car and have difficulty accessing public transport. The service is relatively inexpensive, much less than a taxi fare, and is 'door to door'. Are you interested in becoming a volunteer driver or a passenger? Click here for more information for prospective volunteer drivers, and here to find out how to register for the scheme.

Posted 4th February 2013

Gritting routes are on Interactive Mapping: Are you aware of the vast database of information that can be accessed through Cheshire's Interactive Mapping website? Have a look at all the layers that can be displayed on the map of Kelsall, including Parish Boundaries, Street Lights, Bus Stops and, particularly relevant during this cold snap, Gritting Routes. The Highway Faults tab of the website enables highway faults to be reported, including failed street lights, blocked drains, pot holes, overhanging hedges etc. Highways would love to hear from you!

Posted 23rd January 2013

Kelsall Community Centre gets a boost from TalkTalk: TalkTalk will be sponsoring Kelsall Community Centre for the next 12 months with a donation amounting to £600. Residents in Kelsall and the surrounding area will also benefit from a £50,000 investment by TalkTalk, which is expanding its network to provide residents with access to fast, reliable and more secure broadband. John Gray, Chairman of Kelsall Community Centre, said: "We are very pleased that TalkTalk has chosen to support Kelsall Community Centre over the next twelve months. The donation of £600 will be used towards on-going refurbishment, an early idea being to buy a wall mounted water boiler to replace the free standing ones we have at the moment. It will make a significant difference to everyone using the hall".

Posted 22nd January 2013

More information about Taylor Wimpey's planning application: Taylor Wimpey has produced this revised proposal to deal with concerns about the safety of pedestrians along the stretch of Flat Lane between the proposed development and Chester Road, and the safety of the junction between Flat Lane and Chester Road. Click here for a sketch of the proposed changes. Residents are encouraged to comment on these revised proposals.

Posted 22nd January 2013

Disappointing news for Kelsall - CWaC's Planning Committee approves Bloor Homes planning application

Bloor Homes planning application (12/03551/FUL) to build 33 houses off Hallows Drive was discussed at CWaC's Planning Committee on 15th January. CWaC's planning officer's report, published prior to the meeting, had recommended that permission should be granted. Four well-argued submissions against the application were made at the meeting by Jill Cox (representing local residents), Noel Dutton (representing Kelsall Parish Council), and by Ward Councillors Hugo Deynem and John Leather. Notwithstanding their strong arguments against the application the meeting narrowly voted in favour, the vote believed to be: 5 for, 4 against, 1 abstention.

Several aspects of the discussion at the meeting gave cause for concern. There was more than one comment that approval would help CWaC achieve its house building target, giving the impression that CWaC's target for the borough might have had an undue influence on the decision. It was noted at the meeting that the application contravenes the Kelsall Parish Landscape & Design Statement, a Statutary Planning Document, but this was totally ignored by the meeting. There were references at the meeting to Kelsall being a Key Service Centre (KSC), but the concept of KSCs is still being discussed in the context of CWaC's Local Plan, and is by no means a 'done deal'. Finally, there were references to the proposed development being sustainable, with no attempt made to define what is meant by sustainable. As far as the residents of Kelsall are concerned, the development is unsustainable on many counts, eg public transport, school capacity, medical centre capacity, flooding risk, road congestion. When will CWaC realise that creaking infrastructure should be dealt with before major building developments are countenanced?

Updated 17th January 2013