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Success of the village web site depends on the input from all the local groups, societies, businesses, services and venues. To be featured on the site please email the with all the relevant details, together with photographs (if applicable).

Development of the web site will continue over the next few months, so if you have any comments, suggestions, requests or questions please email the Photographs of the local area or events are especially welcome.

• Latest News •

NDP referendum on 2nd March 2017

The Neighbourhood Plan has been updated to conform with the recent Examination's advice, and is now ready for the local referendum on 2nd March 2017. This vote of approval by residents of Kelsall & Willington is needed for the NDP policies to be adopted by Cheshire West as part of the Development Framework.

The vote will take place at Kelsall Community Centre on Thursday 2nd March, and voting cards will be sent to all participating residents.

Key Policies in the Plan

Background to the Plan

Link to the Chester and Cheshire West website for the full version of the Plan

Paper copies of the NDP documents can be consulted at the doctors', the vets, the school, both hairdressers and in the Methodist church lobby.

Posted 30th January 2017

• Events •

Flicks in the Sticks film 'Our Kind of Traitor'.
Flicks in the Sticks
Friday 10th March

'Our Kind of Traitor'
Kelsall Methodist Hall – 7:30pm

More information here.

Adam Bulley & Chas MacKenzie (formerly known as Wingin'It)
A CRTA Production
Saturday 22nd April

Adam Bulley & Chas MacKenzie (formerly known as Wingin'It)
Kelsall Community Centre – 7:30pm

More information here.

Grand auction and jumble sale in aid of Clatterbridge Cancer Research

Saturday 18th March. Grand auction and jumble sale in aid of Clatterbridge Cancer Research, Kelsall Branch. Doors open 1pm, auction 2pm at Kelsall Community Centre.

Any donations please leave at the Community Centre 9.30 - 12 noon.

Posted 22nd Feb 2017

Kelsall Scottish Dancing Group

Spring Dance - Friday 7th April - Kelsall Community Centre

Click here for dance crib and directions (also highlighted here on Google maps - Kelsall Community Centre).

Posted 18th Feb 2017

Local residents immortalise classic Land Rover in Lego!

Local residents father and son, Terry and Ben Fisher, have created this Lego Land Rover Series III in an aim to immortalise this legendary British classic. They have put this on the Lego Ideas website and if they reach 10,000 supporters Lego will consider it as a product. Updates have now been added to include the Defender and a Series II is on its way. It could possibly be a kit for people to build their favourite. Kelsall Primary School has been posting on its social media in order to help. Supporters need to register their details using this link. Every vote would be really appreciated! So let's get behind this local project and get Kelsall on the Lego map!

Posted 26th April 2016

20-year-old Alex Staniforth releases his first book

Kelsall's Alex Staniforth is no ordinary 20-year-old! As an endurance adventurer he has already experienced and achieved more than many will in a lifetime, attempting to climb the world's highest mountains and scaling equally huge personal peaks in the process. In a further exciting chapter in his life, Alex has released his first book 'ICEFALL', a compelling and absorbing autobiography of a teenager on a mission to the top of the world. The book was launched in paperback at the Grosvenor Shopping Centre (Chester) on Wednesday 9th March. The book is available via Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

Updated 18 March 2016

GoOnLine sessions are held at Farmers Arms: GoOnLine aims to provide access to the internet for older people in rural areas, including OPAL Club members, and to foster their use of the internet to pursue personal interests. Kelsall's GoOnLine sessions have moved to the Farmers Arms, and are held on alternate Tuesdays from 10:00am to 12 noon. GoOnLine sessions are held at several other locations, including Oakmere and Tarvin. Oakmere sessions are held fortnightly at The Lounge. Click here for a listing of all sessions.

Cheshire Police Alerts: Residents are being encouraged by Cheshire Police to sign up to the Cheshire Police Alert service. Registered users are sent information about their local community from the Police, including appeals, local crime alerts and crime prevention advice. Users of the service can manage their own settings and select the type of messages they want to receive. The messages can also be tailored to geographical areas to ensure people only receive information which is relevant to them. New users can register here to receive alerts. To date about 80 Kelsall residents have registered for this service.

Posted 4th March 2015

Reminder about unlicensed clothing collections

Many of you will have recently received clothing collection bags that requested unwanted clothing to support the North West Air Ambulance charity. When the van driver who was picking up the bags was challenged for his ID by a local resident, he ran to his van and drove off at speed. On contacting the Air Ambulance HQ, the resident was told that they weren't conducting household clothes collections at this time and that the bags were nothing to do with them. All charitable clothing collections need a licence, either through inclusion in the Cabinet Office's Exemption List, or from CWaC. Commercial clothing collections seem to be unregulated, but what's the point in lining the pockets of a commercial company when there are plenty of genuine charity shops that would welcome your discarded clothing. CharityBags estimates that "Taking your unwanted clothes etc to a charity shop raises around 50 times more money for charity compared with giving your clothes to a typical house-to-house 'charity' collector"!

If in doubt, please contact CWaC's Licensing Team (01244-977962).

Posted 3 March 2015

Prostate Cancer Support Group offers free well-being sessions: Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, in partnership with Prostate Cancer UK, are offering free services for men with prostate cancer and their families. More information here.

Posted 23rd July 2014

GoOnLine started in Kelsall on 1st July: 'GoOnLine' is an exciting new OPAL service aimed at providing access to the internet for OPAL Club members, carers, volunteers and other older people in rural areas to foster their use of the internet to pursue their personal interests.

The sessions run throughout the rural areas of West Cheshire and started in Kelsall on 1st July from 10am to 12 noon, and will continue to run alternate weeks (excluding August), in The Royal Oak Hotel, who are supporting OPAL in this new venture.

So if you lack confidence in using computers or tablets such as iPads or need help using your mobile phone please come along on 1st July.

Updated 15th July 2014

New entry on our Businesses Page: Cheshire Brick and Slate was established many years ago, specialising in reclaimed and new building materials. It is located just outside the Kelsall Parish boundary on Kelsall Road. More information here.

Posted 25th May 2014

May is Scams Awareness Month! There are several websites that provide useful information on scams, including Get Safe Online, Cyber Street and Think Jessica, a charity protecting elderly and vulnerable people from scams. According to the Trading Standards Institute, only five per cent of scams are reported, possibly because people feel embarrassed at being caught out. Please don't suffer in silence. Scams and attempted scams can be reported to Action Fraud or 0300-123-2040.

Posted 18th May 2014

More unsolicited phone calls about fixing your computer: More unsolicited phone calls have been received by Kelsall residents from someone claiming to be able to fix their computer problems. You may be asked to download a programme to get rid of a 'virus' or asked for personal information and bank account details. It's worth repeating that, unless you've been very careless, the caller can't possibly know anything about your computer. Best to put the phone down. The ActionFraud website gives information on different types of fraud, including a comprehensive list of different types of online fraud.

Posted 21st December 2013

Holmes Pharmacy has a new website: Holmes Pharmacy's new website www.holmespharmacy.co.uk gives information on the wide range of services it can provide, including Pharmacy First, commonly known as the Minor Ailments Service, and a Smoking Cessation Service. Residents who register with Holmes Pharmacy can get treatment for a number of minor ailments without having to see their doctor, and can get advice on nicotine replacement products and other medicines to help them quit smoking.

Posted 13th December 2013

Cheshire Police Alert: Residents are being encouraged by Cheshire Police to sign up to a new community messaging service. Registered users are sent information about their local community from the Police, including appeals, local crime alerts and crime prevention advice. Users of the service can manage their own settings and select the type of messages they want to receive. The messages can also be tailored to geographical areas to ensure people only receive information which is relevant to them. New users can register here to receive alerts.

Posted 13th November 2013

Trading Standards Warning – mobile phone delivery scam

The scam works like this. A mobile phone is ordered in your name. After it is delivered to you, you receive a call saying there has been a mistake and the goods will be collected by courier. The scammer, pretending to be a courier, then calls to collect the phone from you. The scammer gets to keep the phone whilst the bill remains in your name. If you receive delivery of goods addressed to you that you know you haven't ordered, you should contact the sender immediately – you may be the target of this scam.

Posted 2nd November 2013
Front cover of Marian Bythell's book 'Billy and Ben on the Farm'.

Marian Bythell publishes another book

Marian Bythell's latest book 'Billy and Ben on the farm' will shortly be available for £2.99 from Arthur H Stockwell Ltd (publishers) and from Amazon. This children's book, which is in colour and will also be available in digital format, recounts the young twins' funny, lively adventures on their grandad's farm along with the farm dog, Scamp.

Posted 30th September 2013

Another business in Kelsall: Philip Anthony Photography are wedding specialists. Examples of their work can be found here.

Posted 23rd September 2013

Trading Standards warning: "When you are applying online for a driving licence, passport, a European Health Insurance card or even a fishing licence, take care with the websites that you use. Searching on the internet will often result in private companies being at the top of the list, higher up than the agency that you need to apply to. The companies will charge a fee for providing the service of checking and or forwarding your application to the appropriate agency. The small print will explain that the site you have reached is not the agency you are looking for and that you will be charged for the service. Unfortunately, a lot of people miss the small print because they assume that they have reached the site that they were looking for."

Posted 23rd September 2013

Information from Trading Standards about scam telephone calls: Cheshire Constabulary has circulated this information from Trading Standards relating to scam telephone calls. Trading Standards would like to remind residents to "show caution when dealing with cold callers and to be aware that services that are being offered may not be the bargain that they initially appear to be".

Posted 15th September 2013

Holmes Pharmacy is now listed on Businesses Page: Holmes Pharmacy is a long-established business in Kelsall and is now listed on the Businesses Page of this website.

Posted 25th August 2013

Another business in Kelsall! Emma Salisbury has set up a new business, Overdale Counselling (www.counselling-overdale.co.uk), in Kelsall. Emma also runs a tutoring service, Top Marks, from Tarporley Community Centre. Top Marks offers your child a free initial assessment and a quality education at competitive rates by an experienced English teacher of 25 years. Please email Emma for more information (with subject heading: Top Marks).

Posted 18th July 2013

Premises Licence for Kelsall Green: Kelsall Parish Council's application for a Premises Licence to allow Plays, Live Music and Dance to take place on Kelsall Green was approved at a meeting of CWaC's Licensing Act Sub-Committee on 7 May 2013. Information about the licence can be found here, including this list of conditions, and the Minutes of the meeting here. The number of events is restricted to 12 per year, but is expected to much less than this. Kelsall Parish Council is required to make decisions on applications to use Kelsall Green "in the interests of local residents in a transparent and open way".

Posted 12th June 2013

All you need to know about 'boiler room' scams: The FSA has produced this useful guide to high pressure sales techniques, known as boiler room scams, that are used to sell investments that promise massive returns but are often worthless. Remember: if it sounds to good to be true,it probably is!

Updated 25th March 2013

Warning over roadside scam: Cheshire Police has issued a warning about gangs of men who are targeting lone female motorists, flagging them down on isolated country lanes and demanding money. More than ten women have reportedly been conned, including two instances in Malpas and Farndon. More information here.

Posted 15th February 2013

Chester Community Car Scheme needs volunteers: The Chester Community Car Scheme service is run by Cheshire Community Action and provides a lifeline for elderly, frail or disabled people who don't have a car and have difficulty accessing public transport. The service is relatively inexpensive, much less than a taxi fare, and is 'door to door'. Are you interested in becoming a volunteer driver or a passenger? Click here for more information for prospective volunteer drivers, and here to find out how to register for the scheme.

Posted 4th February 2013

Gritting routes are on Interactive Mapping: Are you aware of the vast database of information that can be accessed through Cheshire's Interactive Mapping website? Have a look at all the layers that can be displayed on the map of Kelsall, including Parish Boundaries, Street Lights, Bus Stops and, particularly relevant during this cold snap, Gritting Routes. The Highway Faults tab of the website enables highway faults to be reported, including failed street lights, blocked drains, pot holes, overhanging hedges etc. Highways would love to hear from you!

Posted 23rd January 2013