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Talented Local People in Kelsall

Kelsall is home to a wide range of talented people, some of whom have promoted their talents by setting up the full-time businesses that are featured elsewhere on this website. There are also many skilled people in the village who have limited or no connection with the commercial world, but who are just as passionate about their chosen hobby or hobbies. This page is devoted to this raft of local people. We would be pleased to hear about any other candidates for this accolade. Please

Marian Bythell, Author

Front cover of Marian Bythell's book 'Double Trouble'.

Marian Bythell has lived in Kelsall for over 37 years and for many years has written articles, letters, short stories, poems for newspapers and magazines. Marian's writing has led to three travelogue books - 'Easter in Eden', 'Cygnet Cottage Journal' and 'Travellers' Tales', plus two poetry books 'Poems of Love, Life and Laughter' and 'God, Love and Laughter' and also a biography of her mum. Her illustrated children's books (in black and white) include 'Jamie', 'Jamie Tales' and 'Billy and Ben on the Farm'. Her latest book 'Double Trouble' is available now and her next book 'Off to the fair with Billy and Ben' will be published in June. Marian's books can be bought online from Amazon, from good bookshops or direct from the publisher Arthur H Stockwell Ltd. (p.p. £1) tel. 01271-862557.

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'The Angry Witch' book cover 'The Witches' Revenge' book cover

Tom Carroll, Author

Tom Carroll was born in Yorkshire in 1923. He flew in Lancasters during World War 2 and then retrained as an air traffic controller. After serving for 20 years in the RAF he worked for 20 years in the oil industry, then settled in Kelsall after retirement to be near his grandchildren. His first stories were told to them as bedtime stories until one day they said, "Granddad, why don't you write them down?"...... He has been writing ever since!

Tom's first venture into the world of publishing was a trilogy of highly imaginative children's books ('The Angry Witch', 'The Witches Revenge' and 'Witches On The Run'). Tom's first novel, 'Smoke, Magic and Dust', is divided into two parts (Book 1 and Book 2), and is an absorbing story of three generations of a South Yorkshire mining family. Full of romance, murder, history and humour, this family saga plays out in the period from the 1920's to the end of World War II. Tom's most recent book, entitled 'Somebody's Kidnapped Santa', is about a mission to rescue Santa and save Christmas, and features a wicked witch, Monster Giant Spiders and evil Giant Trolls!

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David Fenton with model aircraft Model aircraft in flight

David Fenton, Aerial Photographer

David Fenton, a model aircraft enthusiast for many years, added photography to his portfolio of hobbies a few years ago. The next logical step was to combine the two hobbies by fixing a camera beneath one of his model aircraft. The results of this venture into aerial photography are stunning, including this super panoramic view of Kelsall and these photos taken during the construction of the Flat Lane development.

David's Gung Ho Photography website contains many more of his aerial photographs, including panoramas of Tarvin and Ashton Hayes, and web galleries of many local events.

Some of these downloads are big - you have been warned!

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Stoneyone sculpture Andrew Worthington in action!

Andrew Worthington, Stone Carver

Working from Mount Pleasant Gardens, Andrew organises stonecarving and oil painting workshops throughout the year. Workshops are for 2 or 4 days, and include all materials and tools that are needed. All you need to provide is a packed lunch and flask for both days, and a pair of sturdy boots if you are stone-carving! The Stoneyone website gives more information, including workshop dates and examples of Andrew's work.

Andrew Worthington,Mount Pleasant Gardens,Yeld Lane,Kelsall,Cheshire CW6 0TB (tel:01829-759359)

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