Updated on 24/6/08

The Development of Kelsall Green

Aerial photo of Kelsall Green
Aerial photo of Kelsall Green

Survey Results: We had more than 350 responses to our survey on what to do with the 'Land Behind the Morris Dancer'. Thanks to all those who responded and to all those who indicated a willingness to volunteer time, funding, equipment or expertise to the project. Expect to hear from us soon! We'll need to marshall the efforts of the entire community to make Kelsall Green a success. If you didn't get a chance to offer your support in the survey, don't worry, we'll ask again soon!

Based on the results of the survey, the land formerly known as "The Land Behind the Morris Dancer" will be called Kelsall Green. The design committee is now in the throes of using the results of the survey to determine what Kelsall Green will look like. There was a clear call for an area that:

  • Is accessible and welcoming to people of all ages, interests and abilities
  • Provides opportunities for people from various segments of the community to interact and enjoy the space together
  • Encourages the pursuit of a variety of play, health and fitness-related activities, as well as relaxation
  • Remains in-keeping with the rural landscape
  • Impacts the visual, communal and natural environment in a positive way.

Specifically, the survey results showed strong support for a play area for toddlers and young children, facilities for teens and a pleasant and relaxing green space with benches for all - but especially seniors. To that end, the committee is working on 'Phase One' of the project that will include:

  • Toddler and young children's play area
  • Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) and zipwire
  • Wildlife gardens & tree planting
  • Seating
  • Security - CCTV and Lighting

Other facilities that generated significant interest are being considered for 'Phase Two' of the project, and include an exercise/cycling path, a five-a-side football pitch, landscaped gardens and a skateboarding area.

Kelsall Green - the Starting Point!
The Starting Point!

Progress to date: Kelsall Youth Club has already taken the initiative to research the Multi Use Games Area, which will provide an all-weather facility for five-a-side football and basketball. They've even applied for and secured grants sufficient to fund its purchase! We're ready to place the order and are looking forward to the youth's vision becoming a reality.

In the meantime, we've been very busy assessing the land, talking to potential equipment vendors and applying for funding. We're very much in the early stages of this process. Updates will be posted here as they become available.

On that note, you may have noticed that Kelsall Green is already looking much smarter. Thanks to everyone who turned up for our land-clearing days. We've now had three great days including our recent clearing which saw more than fifty people putting in an effort that added about a half an acre to the useable space on the land.

Fundraising Efforts: In order to secure the large grants we need to develop Kelsall Green, we'll need to show that Kelsall is making a big effort to raise funds. Our goal is to see every group in the village contribute in some way. Already, we've had commitments of support from groups including, but not limited to, Kelsall Social Club, Bunbury Theatre Group, Kelsall School, Kelsall School PTA, The WI, the Gardening Club, Saint Philips Church, and Kelsall Babies and Toddlers Group. Please support us by supporting the efforts of all these groups.